Project Details

City International Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City

The National Cancer Insitute is the first of its kind in providing a complete cancer treatment and management in South East Asia.
It serves as the national referral centre with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.

The Radiation Theraphy Unit with 6 linear accelerators is one of the largest in the world.This hospital also provides supportive healthcare thourgh its Palliative Care unit, Home Nursing Unit, Social Service and Volunteer Program among many of the healthcare innovations incorporated. The Total Hospital Information System (THIS) and tele-conferencing facilities boosts the insitute’s research and training capability.

Project Type
Specialist Hospital

Project Cost

MYR 175 Million

Project Size

250 Bed
13 Storeys

Completed June 2013

Hoa-Lam Shangri-la Healthcare LLC