Project Details

Marking George Town Competition

CHORD studio and PAB obtained Honourable Mention for proposing a comprehensive design based on three layers of interventions; from small to medium to large interventions. The small intervention was regarded as least intrusive, Coins would also be embedded in the main streets leading tourists from one landmark to another. Also included in the small interventions were regulated trishaws that would run at regular intervals along old tram tracks. Information kiosks set up at various locations were also regarded as small interventions.

For medium interventions we proposed the creation of landscaped oases throughout the site. The programmes for the interventions consisted of various functions ranging from tourist information and tea houses to budget accommodation and contemporary townhouses. Its large intervention consisted of turning the main thoroughfare of the area, Chulia Street, into a tree-lined, pedestrian-friendly boulevard. The new pedestrian boulevard is supposed to remember the nostalgic past and ‘becomes a catalyst for the renewal of streets’.

Project Type
Masterplanning, Urban Design Competition

Project Cost

20 Million

Project Size

1.2 km

Awarded Honorable Mention

State Government of Penang