Project Details

Bijoux, Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

The idea of Phú Quoc Bijoux is to establish a truly unique proposition in Vietnam. Situated on the South Western coast of Phú Quoc island, this 100 acre site is blessed with a natural environment with a scenic setting. Our proposed masterplan seeks to provide a vision for the future that will become a catalyst for the transformation of Phú Quoc as a truly modern, ecologically sustainable and exciting tourist destination for all.

The main strategy of our urban design concept is to create a series of key attractions along a main pedestrian boulevard which ties all the components together. The main boulevard draws visitors towards the waterfront. Along the way, key attractions include the Bijoux Casino, MICE and Entertainment Hub, Eco-Theme Park, a Residential area along the Public Park, the Water Theme Park Resort Hotel, Beach Front Resort Hotel and Beach Front Villas. All components are serviced by a Bus-Rapid-Transit (BRT) system, an electric-powered green vehicle.

This Masterplan is a vision for a vibrant development nestled within nature with something unique to offer for everyone.

Project Type
Masterplanning, Urban Design Competition

Project Cost

USD 1 Billion

Project Size

10 MILLION SQ. FT GFA on a 100 acre site